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Ruffner Mountain Quarry – Birmingham View

Saturday, April 26th, 2008

Yellow Lady's SlipperToday I took a brief break from my studies and hiked the Quarry and Overlook trails at Ruffner Mountain Park. The highlights were Jack-in-the-pulpit and other wildflowers, several dozen species of birds singing, and a great (if hazy) view of downtown Birmingham. Panoramic of Downtown B’ham 

PS- I’d just like to mention that WordPress is a huge pain in the butt about line breaks. All I wanted was to keep the posts from running together, and to do that I had to throw all sorts of html at the editor to stop deleting my breaks when I saved.




Back Photography

Thursday, April 24th, 2008

Yellow Lady's SlipperI was asked where all my older pictures could be found. Here is everything currently posted to my site.

 First, there is my portfolio:

Older blog:

 The Big Tree (Sipsey Wilderness, Alabama):

Borden Creek (Sipsey Wilderness, Alabama):

Eagle Creek/Little Ugly Creek Bushwhack (Sipsey Wilderness, Alabama):

Oak Mountain State Park (Alabama):

Ruffner Mountain Nature Park (Alabama):

Mixed Photos (mostly Sipsey Wilderness, Ruffner Mountain, Oak Mountain, in Alabama): (Featuring Shinbone Falls, “discovered” by Jay Hudson and Josh Szulecki) (featuring Yellow Lady’s Slipper) (featuring Upper and Lower Turkey Foot Falls, Mize Mill Falls, Sipsey Wilderness) (featuring Nubbin Creek Trail, Hopeful Falls, in Talladega NF) (Guntersville Dam North [home of Bald Eagles] & Guntersville proper, mostly seagulls. (Featuring Upper Caney Falls and some stuff around Borden Creek, Bankhead National Forest and Sipsey Wilderness) (same as above) (same as above, different day)